Placement is one of the most important apps of IIT Roorkee, intended to iron out all the kinks in the process of sitting for campus placements. Placement takes care of each and every step of the placement process, starting at the filling up of personal information, through résumé generation, through verification, through applications, through writing cover letters and going all the way upto the announcement of results.

Placement has views for students, the Training and Placement Office and companies, making it Channel i's largest and most used application year after year, with usage peaking during internship and placement season. It is also IMG's fastest moving application with new features added very frequently.

Filling up of biodata

Placement allows you to fill up your biodata in predefined fields and uses that to generate your official IIT Roorkee résumé. You can create multiple résumés to apply to companies with different demands.

Generating your résumé

Based on your biodata, Placement auto-generates a résumé for you. This (or one of your pre-saved ones) will be sent to recruiters when you apply to them.

Viewing available companies and applying to them

You can sift through the list of companies, once verified, and can apply to the companies who have opened up for your branch and CGPA. Application takes only one click and instantly registers you as an applicant, sending your résumé to the recruiters.


As soon as companies start publishing results, they'll appear right on the Placement app itself. Placement is indeed a one-stop shop to get hired through campus placements

Best wishes for your placements from the Placement team at IMG!