Forminator - A multi-featured survey tool for IIT Roorkee. With circumscribed access and custom groups, one needn't worry about unauthorized and incorrect information.

There are two important dashboards in this application.
First is the Form Data Filler’s. Here, the user can see the whole list of available and expired forms, as well as the data filled therein.

You can fill a form, edit it before the deadline (if allowed) or view the filled information. For the expired forms, you can view the submitted content by clicking on the "View" action.

The second dashboard is for the Form Creator. The creator can see the list of published and unpublished forms (and resume creation) as well as the number of received responses. Creating a new form with Forminator only takes 4 quick steps:
Define Form
Create Fields
Choose Target Users
Review & Publish

Define your form : Including featured such as Title, Description, Anonymity, Editability and Expiry Date.

Create Fields : Chose from a wide range of possibilities including File Uploads, Radio Buttons etc. For non-anonymous forms, you can chose to use the information from Channel i database.

Choose Target Users : Select a group of users to whom you want to provide access to fill the form. The group can be a logical combination of Branches, Years and Student Groups.

Review & Publish : Once the group has been selected, you can view the Demo Form and see the selected audience. You are just one click away from publishing the form and sending web and email notifications to the audience members.  

Note: A form can’t be edited once published. So, make sure to go through the Demo Form and Audience List before publishing.

Managing the collected data is even easier. You can sort, search and export the data to a CSV file, thus opening the possibility of a wide array of operations.

This is all about Forminator. Do let us know your thoughts and suggestions about the application in the comments below.