Tools we use to work at IMG

April 15th, 2014 , by Shubham Jain

We've been using many tools to work in IMG. Here I am going to list the major ones.

Mailing List

We use Google groups as the primary method for communication with the whole group and it's the place where we discuss all the ideas and notify others about anything important. Every member of the group has to check the emails daily. There is always a tab in browser reserved for Gmail while we are at a computer.

Google Drive

We use it for collaborative editing and storing docs on cloud.

PMS (Project Management System)

We've been using our own Project Management System that was made in ASP.NET. Later we used Redmine (an open source PMS) for an year. Redmine was good but it couldn't satisfy our needs. Then we shifted to Producteev (an online task management website) and we found it really great. It enables us to work on deadlines. It sends reminder mails to assignee and mentor whenever his task is overdue.


We use Mediawiki (an open source software on which Wikipedia runs). So, we have our own Wikipedia for internal use. We call it IMG Wiki, where we keep all our information and guidelines we follow to work at IMG. We've been using it for 3 years and currently it contains more than 150 articles.


We've been using git for our projects in IMG for 3 years. We'd made a bash script to send mails to every developer whenever a developer pushes commits to the center bare repository. Later, we started using Gitlab (an open source version of Github) and it's been an year since. Currently, Channel-i repository contains 1700+ commits and CMS (Content Management System) repository contains 700+ commits. We also use git with cron for backing up all databases and media files (user uploaded data) keeping their versions.

Here is a screenshot of git commits of different branches of Channel-i


We use google analytics for IITR Website and Piwik for Channel-i to get all the analytics. In Piwik, we can see total count of unique visits and total pageviews per day for all Channel i apps. On an average, Channel-i gets 2000+ unique visits and 3000+ page-views per day while we've touched a maximum number of 6000+ unique visits and 10,000+ page-views.


To make our products better and error-free, we track all the errors which occur in Channel-i. Sentry comes to the rescue. We tick mark an error when we patch a solution for it. We also get mails for all errors which occur in Channel-i.


We ensure that all our services are working like well oiled machines. For this, we've created our own app "Services-Status" that checks the status of all computers and servers at IMG Lab, the urls of external and internal tools and all our databases. We also get emails when a service is down.

Other than these tools we use many programming languages (Bash, PHP, Python, Perl, Java, Node.js), frameworks (Django, Tornado, Yii, Zend), Apache web server, Apache Solr as search server and front-end technology (html, css, js, jquery) for development of apps and services. We use MySQl and PostgreSQL databases. We are using RabbitMQ Server to get our tasks done in queue and cronjobs for sending emails.

We'll give a better inside view of IMG in future blog posts. Stay tuned. Drucker Test Staubsauger Test

written by

Shubham Jain