Life of an IMGian

April 13th, 2014 , by Nitesh Kumar

I couldn’t believe my ears when Shubham shouted at me from the other end of the mess saying I had been selected. I shouted back asking him whether he had been too. His response was a cheeky smile, with IMG written all over it. At that moment, it meant the world to me! – Shaumik Daityari, Coordinator

The Recruitment Process

The Intro talk is held for the freshers as soon as the IITR junta is back from the winter break, followed by the recruitment test. The intro talk features roughly what you are reading right now. The recruitment test features mostly aptitude based questions, along with a little bit of HTML and CSS. More than three hundred students appear the test every year, and about a sixth of them are shortlisted for the interviews.

The interviews are never completed on time. Although we assign a good forty minutes to every slot, they get extended unknowingly, and invariably get stretched till 3 am. The things we look for in the interview are enthusiasm and commitment, and not the ability to code. Even then, every time we have to strike off a name, it causes great pain.

Recruitment is one time when we spend 3-4 nights almost dealing with nothing other than IMG and the fact that I can go out and say that I was an interviewer is nevertheless awesome in itself! – Mayank Garg, IMG Alumni
For me IMG is a place for complete transformation and what I learnt here is that learning never ends, it’s your spirit that does. – Jitesh Khandelwal, Design Head

1st year- Member

Those who successfully cross over the interview barrier, and get selected become members of the group. The main focus is to learn. In the first year, you are exposed to new technologies, new languages. It is also important that being new, the members bond with the rest of the group- well, we have the fun part for that.

2nd Year- Hub Coordinator

On entering the second year, a member is ‘promoted’ to a Hub Coordinator. The learning process continues, and the work of an IMGian continues to get refined. There is, however, a new responsibility- to take care of the new members. That provides an insight to the world of the Project Leaders.

3rd Year- Project Leader

Although the main function of a Project Leader is to manage the projects of the group, the responsibility that one has to fulfil behind the scenes is the nurturing of the Hub Coordinators and the Members. As the final year students are busy with Placements, CAT, GRE and other important work, the backbone of the group is the bunch of project leaders.

4th Year- Coordinator

A Coordinator is the link between the group and the administration. They essentially attend the meetings, and get the difficult part done, so that their juniors can work in peace.

5th Year- Student Advisor

If you are lucky enough to be from a 5 year course, your work at IMG is reduced to monitoring that everything is going on smoothly, in addition to helping your immediate juniors dealing with the administration. Drucker Test Staubsauger Test

written by

Nitesh Kumar