IMaGine all the people, living for today

Jan 05, 2017

About the author

I’m Anushrut Gupta, and I write to you as a Project Leader at IMG, IIT Roorkee and a third year Computer Science undergraduate. Thinking, understanding, creating, reading, playing (music and sports), gaming and eating, are what drive me each day. Let me make you understand how IMG delivers on all that I mentioned.

The IMG is not clear…

IMG or Information Management Group is one of the few venerated student groups here at Roorkee. The name might mislead some of you to think that it has a clerical role in the dynamics of the institute, which couldn’t be more incorrect.

You may not realise it but you actually have fallen into the trap we laid some 15 years ago. Most of your online activities (not what you’re thinking, in regards to the college, I mean) are in some or the other way provided and controlled by the resourceful folks at IMG.

Channeli, through the years, has evolved to become the go-to portal for all things web at IITR. Believe me, once upon a time, you had to fill six copies of the same form to register yourself with the institute and submit them at six different locations. Such small, yet tiresome, problems faced by the students at R is what motivated some pupil of the years past to spawn a team, with a vision to curb the headaches of their peers and innovate a solution to make their lives here as seamless as possible.

IMGians comprise of talents from every walk of life, be it music, sports, literary, academia or, of course, art and tech. You’ll find some of the greatest developers and the designers in the making burning the midnight oil here in our labs.

I hope I’ve managed to light the fire of curiosity enough for you to venture into our neck of the woods. This is where you ask, “But, how?”.

We need you!

The recruitment procedure has meticulously been designed and effectively refined to filter and pick out the best and the brightest in the directionless horde of seemingly oblivious freshers. Which begs the question, “Are you the one?”.

But I don’t know jack about development or design, nor am I good at coding or know how to use any of the design softwares, why should I even bother to try? Just to be rejected?

Do you really think we’d choose knowledge over the thirst and passion to learn and create? The prior can easily be achieved. This is a fact we recognised quite a while ago. First hand knowledge will definitely raise your stakes of getting in, but not ensure it. What we desire is great aptitude, creativity, wisdom and humility.

The new arrivals are like a poem poorly written, with the potential to be the next Ozymandias. With a little hammering here and a little chiseling there, you can be sculpted into a Wozniak or a Jony Ive. The new recruits are tutored by the able mentors with the goal of making a pro.

What I’m trying to say here is, don’t miss your chance just because of your paucity of knowledge and experience, which can easily be earned, especially with us. Grab your wheel of genius and sail of invention, and steer into the bay of IMG.

Work, work, work, work

You’ll often see the words “Deadlines amuse me.” being used in context of an IMGian. It has emerged as our tenet since time unknown. The work you do here is not subpar to any firm you might work for. The proper structure and procedure makes IMG deliver more than any working environment you might come across. The progress is appropriately and critically reviewed to result in a furnished product. As I said, IMGians are some of the best in their field, the reason being their well cultivated knowledge and style of work.

With abundant resources and technical prowess, we design and develop some of the best and most pragmatic pieces of software and applications for the masses here at IITR.

I spy with my little eye something tried and true which everybody uses and makes their life a little easier. (Hint: Channeli, oops.)

Channeli is the flagship of IMG, the ultra-convenient bundle of web applications on the intranet. This includes Lectures and Tutorials, e-Noticeboard, Placement Online, Buy and Sell and Lost and Found, to name a few. I could get into their details, but you eventually will figure out what these are and subsequently be thankful. We’ve developed several other stand alone applications on the web and Android, which I’ll leave you to explore.

The work here is somewhat of a breeze, thanks to the ever-present seniors willing to help and wishing for you to learn. This also ensures that one doesn’t slack and delivers on time, without compromising on the quality of the task.

Unlike ‘other IMGs’, we drive the work here, and not let it drive us.

We are young (fun.?)

Do you nerds even have fun?

Hey, hey, hey. Geeks, not nerds. Mind you. But, to answer your question, why would you think the work isn’t fun, eh? We do what we love, not under anyone’s lash.

When we are not creating, we involve ourselves in all kinds of activities. As a family, we stage days of absolute amusement with gaming sessions, charades, movie nights, early-morning football, long walks, parties, trips, and the like.

When we are together, even hours in empty rooms seem like a Vladnik carnival. But yeah, we look for any reason to party (so think before achieving).

2n-th Semester: Up and away

Cometh the even semester, cometh the season of journeys and jaunts. We embark on the annual excursion to one or the other Promise Land dotted across the heavenly north. Our thirst isn’t satisfied by the handy waters of Haridwar or Rishikesh. We go big, we go far.

Bidding our final years goodbye isn’t something we take lightly. The farewell is an expanse of month-long preparations and day-night long celebrations.

Is this the real life?

It sure ain’t fantasy. IMGians do lead a revered life, excelling wherever they step foot. You’ll find one of us wherever you go, that too, who is willing to help you out. Well regarded universities, programmes like GSoC and multinational giants like Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Samsung et cetera are a part of our common tongue, which, not to sound boastful, flatters our vanity.

This is where I lift my nib, hoping that we meet the ones we deserve in our city upon the hill.